Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week is October 24th-28th. 

We are doing a little more with Red Ribbon week this time! While we are still having the dress up days we are adding a family challenge every evening. If you do the challenge, post a picture and tag @garlandpta you will get a ticket into a drawing for a gift card to: Riverside Corner ($10), HUHOT ($20), and Texas Roadhouse ($30). Here is the line up!

Monday: Crazy hair Day. Firemen are coming during lunch and talking about how they don't do drugs. 
                 Family Challenge #1: Plan your family fire escape plan. Practice it together. Post a picture, tag @garlandpta and get an entry to win gift cards.

Tuesday: Sports Jersey. Some of the football team is coming and talking to the students.
                 Family Challenge #2: Gather the family and play your favorite sport! Post a picture, tag @garlandpta and get an entry to win gift cards.

Wednesday: Tie Dye or Peace shirts. We will have a doctor talking to the students about being healthy and a harpist come and play for the kids. 
                      Family Challenge #3: As a family, find the history behind your favorite instrument. Share something you learned on Facebook, tag @garlandpta and get an entry to win gift cards.

Thursday: Hawaiian clothing. Artist coming and drawing with the kids
                   Family Challenge #4: Color a picture and post it, tag @garlandpta and get an entry to win gift cards.

Friday: School Spirit apparel. Celebrating healthy living!
                    Family Challenge #5: What's your favorite thing about Garland Elementary and why? Post it, tag @garlandpta and get an entry to win gift cards.

We are excited to add a parent night! There will be a soda bar where you can mix your own drinks, then sit back and enjoy our guest speaker Van Park. He was the health teacher when I was in high school (not sure if that makes me old or makes him sound old) then the sports director for the past few years. He retired last year and is an amazing teacher. I know it will be a great night for anyone who can attend. It cost $2 and is on our memberhub website ( You can pay at the door but as usual we encourage pre purchasing. Just so we have enough soda (which is really important)! Everyone who comes will get an entry to win a gift card to: 

  • Stacked
  • Jack's Wood-Fired Oven
  • Spudnuts Doughnuts
  • Texas Roadhouse
  • Angies
  • HuHot
  • The Grille
  • Firehouse Pizza
  • Olive Garden
  • Riverside Corner
  • Golden Spike

Isn't that exciting! Also if you are a member of the PTA you get an extra ticket. You can still become a member if you'd like. It is also on our memberhub website ( If you are not able to make it we will post the whole presentation and if you repost it with a comment about something you learned or liked in the presentation you will get entered into a drawing for a Spudnut Doughnuts!

We love our Garland Families and are hoping you feel it. We invite you to take advantage of any or all these activities. The parent night is an open event where we are inviting other parents from other schools to participate. We want to strengthen our community and supply the support anyway we can. Also, where we are an immersion school we have students coming from all over the area and want everyone to be able to invite neighbors and friends. Thank you for reading until the end!