Community Council

All parents and community members are invited and encouraged to attend community council meetings. The council determines Garland Elementary policy as well as how essential funds are spent to improve student learning. Serving on the community council is an opportunity for parents to serve and to be involved in the creation of the land trust plan and determining how the land trust funds will be used. All information is made available via the website, newsletters, and emails. It is also available, upon request, at the front office or sent home with the student.

Meeting Dates

All meetings will be held at 3:15 p.m. in the school library.

  • September 28                                     

  • November 16

  • January 25           

  • March 22                 

  • April 26

Elections will be held in Sept. 2021 if necessary

2021-22 Council Members

Jennifer Webb (Parent)

April Wheatley (Parent)

Sara Merrick (Parent)

Jessica Nielsen (Parent/chair)

Patricia Novoa (Teacher, non-voting member)

Marcia Wilson (Counselor)

Mark Johnson  (Principal)

The duties of the school community council are to:

  1. Develop a School Improvement Plan

  2. Develop a School LAND Trust Plan

  3. Assist in the development and implementation of a Professional Development Plan.

  4. Develop a Reading Achievement Plan.

  5. Advise and make recommendations to school and district administrators, when appropriate.

  6. Oversee that appropriate internet filtering and safety precautions are in place.​

Key Links

LAND Trust Plan
Funding History

2015-16: $52,513

2016-17: $56,010

2017-18: $76,927

2018-19: $90,199

2019-20: $88,591

2020-21: $95,884

2021-22: $91,685

Land Trust Plan 2018-19 Final Report

Garland Elementary Community Council Minutes


Meeting Date: September 28, 2021                                           Meeting Time: 3:30

Meeting Location: school library

Members Present: Patricia Novoa, Sara Merrick, Jessica Nielsen, April Wheatley (Mark Johnson non-voting member)

Members Absent: Marcia Wilson, Jennifer Webb

Financial Report: The budget for 2021-2022 is: $91,685.  The carry over is: $1,138.     

Plan Implementation Report.

Here is the plan:

School Plan 2021-2022 - Garland School

School Plan Approved

School Plan Approval Details

Submitted By

Mark Johnson

Submit Date


Admin Reviewer

Karen Rupp

Admin Review Date


LEA Reviewer

Keri Greener

LEA Approval Date


Board Approval Date

Goal #1close

State Goalclose

Our goal is based on reading achievement. Our goal is to have the following percentages of students read on grade level: Kindergarten: 90% First Grade: 80% Second Grade: 82% Third Grade: 85% Fourth Grade: 87% Fifth Grade: 87%.

Academic Areaclose

  • English/Language Arts


Our goals are linked to end of year DIBELS/Acadience scores. This test is administered three times per year. Our goal is to reach the following scores on the end of year test which will be conducted in April and/or May of 2022. The goals represent the percentage of students who we hope to be at grade level. Kindergarten: 90% First Grade: 80% Second Grade: 82% Third Grade: 85% Fourth Grade: 87% Fifth Grade: 87%. Percentages are measured using the composite score.

Action Stepsclose

1.We will purchase a Storyworks subscription for each of our 4th grade students. This a Scholastic magazine. This will cost $1,149.00. We will also purchase a Scope magazine subscription for each of our 5th grade students. This is also a Scholastic magazine. This will cost $1,209.00. Grand total: $2,358.00.

2.We will pay for the services of 7 reading aides. Each aide will work 142 days in the year, 5.25 hours per day. We project this will cost us $12,860 per aide, for a grand total of $90,020.00. These reading aides will provide small group instruction for all students in our building.  Training for these aides will be provided by the instructional coaches in our building.  The aides will also be observed regularly and will be evaluated and given feedback by the instructional coaches.     

Planned Expendituresclose



Estimated Cost



Books, Ebooks, online curriculum/subscriptions

Item #1. Scholastic magazines for 4th and 5th grade.


Salaries and Benefits (teachers, aides, specialists, productivity, substitutes)

Item #2. Hiring and paying 7 reading aides.


Digital Citizenship/Safety Principles Componentclose


Summary of Estimated Expenditures


Estimated Cost
(entered by the school)



Books, Ebooks, online curriculum/subscriptions


Salaries and Benefits (teachers, aides, specialists, productivity, substitutes)


Funding Estimates



Carry-over from 2019-2020


Distribution for 2020-2021


Total Available Funds for 2020-2021


Estimated Funds to be Spent in 2020-2021


Estimated Carry-over from 2020-2021


Estimated Distribution for 2021-2022


Total Available Funds for 2021-2022


Summary of Estimated Expenditures for 2021-2022


Estimated Carry-over to 2022-2023


The Estimated Distribution is subject to change if student enrollment counts change.

Estimated Carry-over

I don't understand this section. I have not entered my budget yet and we will not be carrying over that much. Our planned total expenditures for 2021-2022 are $92,378. Assuming that is accurate, we would a carryover of $2,086.

Funding Changes

There are times when the planned expenditures in the goals of a plan are provided by the LEA, a grant, or another unanticipated funding source leaving additional funds to implement the goals. If additional funds are available, how will the council spend the funds to implement the goals in this plan?

If we had enough additional funding, our first priority would be to hire an additional reading aide. If we didn't have enough funding for that, we would purchase additional curriculum to support our reading instruction, such as: 95% materials, Shell fluency, Reading Mastery, more Scholastic magazines, etc. We may also choose to purchase replacement microphones for our audio enhancement systems. These cost over $200.00 each and many of them are aging and are due to be replaced.




New items--none

Action Items (a detailed description of the motion, who made the motion, # voted for, # voted against)


The council discussed the current land trust plan and several members of the council are going to visit the school so they can see first hand how the land trust money is being spent.  They will be observing our reading groups where the aides do their work. 

Digital citizenship—Utah Netsmartz

Informational Items—none