Reading Goals 2022-2023



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Our goals this year are based on the composite score from the Acadience Assessment.

Reading Goals

Dear Parents and Community,

Unfortunately, we were not able to complete the school year in the traditional manner.  We will never know if we could have reached our school goal of 87%.  However, we were doing very well.  At the time of the school closure on March 13th, we were making excellent progress.  We had completed our mid-year DIBELS/Acadience assessments and these are the results we had achieved:

Kindergarten     96%

First Grade        81%

Second Grade  75% 

Third Grade      74%

Fourth Grade    92%

Fifth Grade        87%

That gave us a school wide percentage of 84% on grade level. The students and teachers were working very hard and I am confident that we would have achieved our goal had we been able to finish the school year in the traditional way

2018-19 Goals

After making some significant progress from the beginning of the year to the middle of the year, many of our grade level teams decided to make an adjustment to their end of year goals on DIBELS.

Here are the new goals:

Kindergarten                       90%

First Grade                          84%

Second Grade                    84%

Third Grade                        88%

Fourth Grade                      92%

Fifth Grade                         91%

School Average                  88%


On the mid-year DIBELS, these are the scores our students achieved:

Kindergarten                       97%

First Grade                          75%

Second Grade                     76%

Third Grade                         77%

Fourth Grade                       88%

Fifth Grade                          87%

School Average                83.3%

Previous Goals

To follow is a list of goals that have been created by the teacher teams at Garland Elementary.

BEPA and BEPAST goals

  • Kindergarten. Have at least 90% of students prove mastery of all BEPAST skills by the end of the school year.

  • Grade 1. Have at least 90% of students prove mastery of BEPA skills 1-5 by the end of the school year.

  • Grade 2. Have at least 90% of students prove mastery of BEPA skills 6-10 by the end of the school year.

  • Grade 3. Have at least 90% of students prove mastery of BEPA skills 11-15 by the end of the school year.


The first number listed shows the actual percentage of students who achieved the benchmark score at the beginning of this school year.  The second number listed shows the goals that the grade level team has set and will try to reach on the end of year DIBELS assessment.  These goals have been carefully set after analyzing student score reports and after carefully considering individual students in each class.  Each teacher has created a plan in conjunction with the instructional coaches at Garland Elementary and we are committing to doing all we can to reach these goals.

Kindergarten     Beginning of year data at this grade level is insufficient.  The teachers have set the end of year goal at… 90%.

First Grade          70%        78%

Second Grade   73.8%    84%

Third grade         70.6%    89%

Fourth Grade     84%        88%       

Fifth Grade         79%        88%       

The acronym BEPA stands for: Box Elder Phonics Assessment.  There are 15 specific basic reading skills associated with the BEPA.  These 15 skills are typically learned in sequential order from 1-15.  These skills are typically taught to students in grades 1-3. 

The acronym BEPAST stands for: Box Elder Phonological Awareness Skills Test.  There are also 15 specific skills associated with this assessment.  These skills are foundational and are taught to all kindergarten students. 

The acronym DIBELS stands for: Dynamic Indicators of Basic Literacy Skills.  All students in our school are tested three times per year using the DIBELS assessment.  The benchmarks or scores for each grade level are different.  When students complete this test, they are scored and placed on a scale indicating their present level of performance compared to the grade level benchmark.