The TSSA plan replaces what was typically called the school improvement plan. For the last few years, public schools have been provided with additional funding from the state. Each school is required to submit a plan for approval indicating how they will use this money. Our plan was approved and is attached here:

Garland Elementary TSSA Plan for 2022-2023

We have been allocated $70,143 based on a projected enrollment of 681 students

We have set three goals in our plan.

Goal #1

Our goal is based on reading achievement. Our goal is in two parts. First is our Acadience/Dibels score:Our goal is to have the following percentages of students read on grade level according to the end of year acadience composite score: Kindergarten: 90% First Grade: 80% Second Grade: 80% Third Grade: 85% Fourth Grade: 87% Fifth Grade: 87%. Overall goal for the school is 85%.The second part of our reading goal addresses BEPAST and BEPA skills.The goal is for at least 90% of kindergarten students to achieve mastery on the BEPAST skills by the end of the school year. For first graders, the goal is for 90% of students to achieve mastery on BEPA skills 1-5 by the end of the school year. For second graders, the goal is for 90% of all students to achieve mastery on BEPA skills 6-10 by the end of the school year. For third graders, the goals is for 90% of students to achieve mastery on BEPA skills 11-15 by the end of the school year.

Cost: $38,274


Goal #2

We will continue implementing our tier 3 program. Our tier 3 classroom/program will address only math and reading skills. The goal is to have each student that enters the tier 3 program to receive reading help, make at least one level of improvement in reading per the BOY and EOY Acadience composite scores. For example, to move from red to yellow. If they are identified and assigned to receive math services, the goal will be to have them advance and make adequate progress. At the beginning of the school year, all Garland students will be given a math skills screener that will be developed by the committee. The screener will be used to help identify students for the program. The screener will be administered at BOY, MOY and EOY. The screener will assess students on BELS skills from each prior grade level. As an example, a student in 3rd grade will take a test which includes BELS items from grades K-2. Adequate progress will be determined based on the needs of the individual student. Individual math goals will be set for that student, similar to an IEP for a SPED student. The tier 3 classroom will be run similar to a resource classroom. Two paras will be in the tier 3 classroom all day. They will be trained and supervised by the instructional coaches. They will be assigned to work with specific tier 3 students according to their needs.

Cost: $25,774


Goal #3

Our goal is be pro-active and provide behavioral support to certain students who have been identified by the principal and the counselor. We hope to be able to track a reduction in the number of office referrals for these students. The two aides will both be assigned to work with a certain group of students. We will keep the number of students relatively small and manageable but we need to be flexible on this number. They will check in a few times weekly with each student. They will create goals, monitor progress and develop a positive relationship with another adult in the building.

Cost: $8,500